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Catholic Discipline "Underground Babylon"

Out now! The first ever release of material from the legendary CATHOLIC DISCIPLINE. This is the same band that was fronted by Slash writer, and resident wild-man, Claude Bessy (r.i.p.). This band also featured Phranc (the world's best Jewish lesbian folk-singer), Robert Lopez (from the ZEROS and now known as 'El Vez'), Craig Lee r.i.p. from the BAGS), and Rick Jaffe (from BPEOPLE), and others at various times. After working with the surviving band members, Claude's wife and friends, we are proud to release this definitive record that will serve as both a CATHOLIC DISCIPLINE and Claude Bessy tribute. We were able to uncover several live recordings and some studio stuff from Claude as well as many previously unpublished photos of the band.

Release Details:

CD includes a 12 page booklet complete with band history, individual band member profiles, previously unpublished photographs, and original flyer art.

CATHOLIC DISCIPLINE "Underground Babylon" collection of recordings 1979-1980

Oct/Nov 1979: Hong Kong Cafe
1. Barbee Doll Lust
2. Everyone Dies Laughing
3. Hypocrite
4. Culture Sluts
5. Underground Babylon

Winter 1979/1980:
Anti-Club 7.
Take It Away
8. Whip Them Lord!
9. Fast Rhythm
10. In A Dungeon

Jan. 19, 1980: Hong Kong Cafe
11. Everyone Dies Laughing
12. Whip Them Lord!
13. Soul Testing
14. Shooting Up With Mother
15. I'm Choking...
16. Yes, We Do...(partial)

Oct/Nov 1979: Hong Kong Cafe

17. Tripmaker (SEEDS)
18. Take It Away Jan.
19, 1980: KPFK (host Richard Meltzer)
19. Pablo Picasso (MODERN LOVERS)

Claude Bessy with RAEO
20. Dejame Solo
21. No Soy Hemingway